September 19, 2018

Service Dogs Awareness Month

September is Service Dogs Awareness Month.

The purpose of Service Dog Awareness Month is to bring awareness to dogs that provide assistance to individuals living with disabilities.
Service dogs are rigorously trained to provide assistance to an individual with a disability. This assistance can range from helping those with visual impairments to less noticeable services such as providing tactile stimulation for someone experiencing PTSD. Service dogs are important and necessary companions for many people with a wide range of disabilities.

Below are several books with a Service Dogs Theme that you can request from the Talking Book Services Library. DB are audio books; BR are braille books.

DB 74020 Until Tuesday: A Wounded Warrior and the Golden Retriever Who Saved Him.
DB 70466 To the Rescue: Found Dogs with a Mission
BR 18838 To the Rescue: Found Dogs with a Mission
DB 65497 Working Like Dogs: the Service Dog Guidebook
DB 92021 Vets and Pets: Wounded Warriors and the Animals That Help Them Heal
DB 90933 Rescue & Jessica: A Life-Changing Friendship (Grades K-3)
BR 22046 Rescue & Jessica: A Life-Changing Friendship (Grades K-3)

May 8, 2018

VA Services for Visually Impaired Veterans

The Department of Veterans Affairs provides health and rehabilitative services to help veterans overcome the everyday challenges of vision loss.
Visual Impairment Services (VIST) Coordinators are case managers who coordinate services for veterans with vision problems that impact their safety and independence. They can assist with:
  • VA Eligibility and enrollment
  • Review of veteran's benefits
  • Referrals to VA Inpatient, Outpatient, and In-Home Programs for assessments and training
  • All adaptive low vision devices recommended during training may be provided to veterans as part of their Rehabilitation Program.
For more information about VIST services, contact the VIST Coordinator at:
     VA Medical Center
     718 Smyth Road
     Manchester, NH 03104
     (603) 624-4366 Ext 6475

April 17, 2018

James Comey's Book: A Higher Loyalty

Former FBI director James Comey’s A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies, and Leadership (DB90517), narrated by the author in a commercial audiobook, is now available for download from BARD.
If you would like to register with BARD so you can download this book to your mobile device, please call the library at 603-271-3429.

April 3, 2018

Ladybug Picture Book Award

The Ladybug Picture Book Award is designed to promote early literacy and honor the best in recent children's picture books. A committee of children's librarians from around the state selects 10 picture book titles each spring. Then, during November, New Hampshire children from preschoolers to those in third grade choose the award winner. The winning picture book is announced at the end of the year.
This year, the following books on this list are available through the Talking Books Library as Print/Braille books. Facing each page of text inside a Print/Braille book is a page of Braille transcription, allowing a blind parent to read a story to a sighted child and the child, if old enough, to follow along by reading the text. Conversely, a blind child can read to parents, siblings or friends.

BR 22032 After the fall : how Humpty Dumpty got back up again / a story by Dan Santat
BR 22008 A small thing ... but big  / Tony Johnston 
BR 22039 The rooster who would not be quiet! / by Carmen Agra Deedy

To check-out these, or other print/braille children's books, call the Talking Books Library at (603) 271-3429.

January 9, 2018

Overdue Book Return

Please return each book as you finish reading it. Others are waiting for these titles and will appreciate a prompt return of all books.
If you would like to renew a book you are currently reading, just give us a call. The library's toll-free number is: 1-800-491-4200.