April 9, 2014

Cassette Player

Do you still have the old yellow cassette player and are no longer using it because all of your books now come in the new digital format? If yes, you may want to go ahead and return that older player to the Talking Book Services Library. When the digital books first became available, we encouraged you to hold on to that old yellow player. We did not want any of our customers to be without books and thought we may need to send you a few cassette RC titles to supplement the new digital copies. However, we now have almost 20,000 titles on digital cartridge and are adding new ones every day. So if the older cassette player is no longer being used, please box it up and send it back to the Library. Remember: no postage is required. Just write FREE MATTER FOR THE BLIND where you would place the stamps on the box.
For more information, please call us at 603-271-3429.

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