October 8, 2014

White Cane Safety Day and Service Dog Awareness Day

On Wednesday, October 15th come to the State House in Concord, NH to celebrate White Cane Safety Day and Service Dog Awareness Day.  
Two proclamations will be read in two different locations in the State House at 10am.  A reading open to everyone, for Service Dog Awareness Day, will be downstairs. Everyone will meet outside on the sidewalk in front of the State House at 9am. At 9:30 all will gather in a private dining room of the cafeteria (there will be room for everyone!). At 10am Senator D'Allesandro will read the Proclamation for Service Dog Awareness Day.
A reading of the Proclamation for White Cane and Dog Guide Users Month is restricted to just a few people and will be upstairs in the State House.
After the readings, all will meet outside to hear singing from two Middle School students who are blind: Christopher Duffley and Gabby Geraghty.
To end the gathering, all will return to the cafeteria for a bite to eat or something to drink. All proceeds from sales at the cafeteria benefit Blind Services.
So come join the crowd! Share this notice with others and encourage them to attend. Also share this notice with your veterinarian so they can reach out to their clients who have service dogs.
Let's work together to see how many white canes and service dogs can be in one place at a time. October 15th is nationally known as White Cane Safety Day. So come and help to create an awareness of all three: white canes, service dogs and guide dogs.