March 7, 2016

Helpful Tips

Here are some tips to help tailor the library program to better meet your needs:
  • Number of books: If you are getting too many books, or too few books, contact us. We will change the number of books we are sending to you.
  • Overdue items: If you receive an overdue postcard in the mail and you have already mailed back the item, please contact us. Overdue items fill a spot in your quota of books.
  • Subject interests: If you only told us you like sea stories or books about frogs, it is possible you may have read every book about these subjects that the library has. Contact us and add more subjects so we will have a better selection of books to send to you.
  • Unrated, commercial titles: We are continuing to add commercially produced books to our collection. These books are not rated, so sex, violence, and strong language are not noted. 
  • Favorite authors: You may have now read all of the books by your favorite authors. Tell us other authors you would like to try, or let us choose based on the subjects you like. You may discover new authors, and get to read all of their books!
  • Returning all of your items at one time: If you return all of your books at once, you will not have any books to listen to. Try to return books as you finish them. That way there will be books coming and going in the mail.
  • Request only readers: If you have told us you only want to receive books you have requested, and the titles you have requested are all checked out to other readers, or you have been sent all of the titles you requested, then you will not receive any books. Please try to always have a healthy list of books on your request list, so we will always have books to send to you.
  • Auto Select: If you switch to auto select and give us your favorite authors and subjects, you will have books coming and going on a regular basis. You can still request particular titles at any time.
  • Overdue magazines: Magazines must be returned on time in order to receive the next issue. Too many overdue magazines will result in a freeze on your magazine cartridge.
  • Updated address or contact information: Please contact us as soon as you know a new address or telephone number. If you have a person you would like to add as an alternate contact in case we cannot reach you, please let us know their name and telephone number/email address.
  • Postal holidays and weekends: The library is open Monday - Friday and is closed for major holidays. Please contact us about a week before a holiday if you would like to receive extra books during that time.
If you have any questions, or would like to make any changes to your record that will better meet your library needs, please contact us. We want you to receive books that you enjoy!