October 28, 2016

Get Out and Vote: Accessible Voting in New Hampshire

Since 2002, the Help America Vote Act has demonstrated the federal government’s commitment to providing accessible and private voting options for all. Following the One4All accessible voting system debut at the 2016 New Hampshire Presidential Primary, those with varying degrees of vision loss now have a unique opportunity to vote electronically. The One4All system is a tablet-based system with voice output that’s designed for voters who have any number of visual impairments, from those with low vision to those who are completely blind.
“I believe New Hampshire is one of the first, if not the first, states to fully adopt tablet-based voting technology,” said NHAB President & CEO, David Morgan. “Though we know the system is imperfect and will require improvements to ensure full privacy, One4All is a step in the right direction toward fully independent and private voting for those with sight loss.”  One4All will be available for the New Hampshire State Primary Election in September and the General Election in November.
For more information about the One4All accessible voting system, please contact New Hampshire Association for the Blind at
(603) 224-4039.