May 8, 2018

VA Services for Visually Impaired Veterans

The Department of Veterans Affairs provides health and rehabilitative services to help veterans overcome the everyday challenges of vision loss.
Visual Impairment Services (VIST) Coordinators are case managers who coordinate services for veterans with vision problems that impact their safety and independence. They can assist with:
  • VA Eligibility and enrollment
  • Review of veteran's benefits
  • Referrals to VA Inpatient, Outpatient, and In-Home Programs for assessments and training
  • All adaptive low vision devices recommended during training may be provided to veterans as part of their Rehabilitation Program.
For more information about VIST services, contact the VIST Coordinator at:
     VA Medical Center
     718 Smyth Road
     Manchester, NH 03104
     (603) 624-4366 Ext 6475